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I love you the most.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that marriage is something I’ve talked about a lot.

I’ve asked for prayer when mine has been hard,
And I’ve redecorated our master bedroom when it was good, to celebrate.
You know that the first ten years of our marriage were particularly difficult, and that we both had to get real and raw and honest and willing to do the hard work to heal.
You also know that God has used the broken pieces of our life to help minister into the hearts of other women.
That happens a lot...
It was the case at my most recent retreat in Kansas, and also two days ago on a phone call with a friend.
If you’re in the thick of it,
And you’re JUST DONE,
If it’s safe,
Hold on.
It is possible to heal and grow and change and be restored.
I know that it’s so very hard.
And there’s just no one who gets it.
And you feel completely alone.
But hold on.
Gather your strength from God, find a bestie to help, and pray and breathe and fight hard for your togetherness.
Fight for humility and honesty.
Fight for transformation.
And then release it all to God and let Him do all of the work.
I can only say this because it’s true for me.
For us.
I don’t know if it will, in the end, be true for you,
You may not get your “happily ever after”,
But there is a redemption story out there for all of us.
Even you. 🖤

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