Engraved Keepsake Handwriting Sign (4 sizes)

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Do you have a special handwritten note that you'd like to preserve for years to come? I can help! Let's turn you favorite note from a loved one or your kiddo into an engraved sign!

Each sign has a white background with brown, engraved letters and a dark walnut frame.

Please choose from four sizes: 8x8", 11x14", 15x15", or 11x17".

When photographing your handwriting for me, please take a "birds eye view" picture of it in good, natural lighting. Pictures taken at angles or with bad lighting will be difficult to work with, so please be mindful of that.

Upload your file to this order using the green "Upload File" button.

If you are questioning whether your handwritten note will work, please reach out ahead of time to selahcreativecompany@gmail.com and I can take a look at what you have. 

Please allow up to two weeks for production prior to shipping.

Thanks for shopping! This is my full time gig, so your support is how I support my family. We live a modest and frugal lifestyle, so every purchase you make is greatly appreciated!