One Little Word Key Fob with Definition

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Be reminded daily of your One Little Word for 2022 with this natural wood key fob. Each key box is approximately 9" in total length with a 1 1/2" wooden tag. This design includes typewriter font with a short definition below. You may type in your own definition or allow me to make one for you.  If you choose to have me create your definition, you are trusting me to make it without consultation - I will use an online dictionary to create a short definition, create your piece, and ship it to you. This is a custom order and there are no returns or refunds, so if you want to make sure the wording is *just right*, please provide your own short definition.

Production time on orders is currently 1-2 weeks prior to shipping.

Thanks for shopping! This is my full time gig, so your support is how I support my family. We live a modest and frugal lifestyle, so every purchase you make is greatly appreciated!