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Make your special day a little bit better with a Handwritten Words wooden hanger! These sturdy, wooden hangers are standard sized with convenient strap notches and a non slip pants bar and can be engraved with your custom quote.

Please email your handwritten words to selahcreativecompany@gmail.com with your order number and name in the subject line. For optimal results of the handwriting, use a white sheet of paper and a black sharpie, and take a "birds eye view" of the lettering in good, natural light. If the hand lettering is previously done, perhaps by a relative that has passed, please take a "birds eye view" picture in good, natural light and I will do my best to remove unwanted backgrounds or lines. Slight modifications to the layout of the quote may take place in order to fit the lettering on the hanger. Please note that the price of the handwritten hangers is higher because there is more design and editing work to do than on a hanger with a printed design.

Thanks for shopping! This is my full time gig, so your support is how I support my family. We live a modest and frugal lifestyle, so every purchase you make is greatly appreciated!