Personalized Paw Print Pet Ornament

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Personalized, laser engraved and cut ornament, including an engraving or cutout of your pet’s pawprint and his or her name. 3” in diameter with a white, satin ribbon and your choice of material used.

If you choose acrylic, the print will be engraved. If you choose either of the hardwoods, the print will be a cutout.

Here is one way you can capture your Pet’s paw print if you haven’t already:

Paint a thin layer of black paint on a piece of cardboard. Firmly hold on to your pet’s paw and press into the paint. Then place Pet’s painted paw on a piece of white paper and press down. Remove the pet’s paw from the paper and clean with a wet washcloth. Then take a birds eye view of the paw print and submit here with your order with the green “Upload File” button.

These are made to order. Please allow up to two weeks for production prior to shipping.

Thanks for shopping! This is my full time gig, so your support is how I support my family. We live a modest and frugal lifestyle, so every purchase you make is greatly appreciated.