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Here's to the brave ones...

Here’s to the brave ones. The ones who are afraid but do it anyway. The ones who have scars but somehow turn them into beauty marks. Here’s to the ones who have been hurt but turn their hurt into healing.

Here’s to the doers and the shakers and the grace makers. To the ones who love justice and mercy and fight for the weak. They empower and encourage others not to shrink. Here’s to the ones who not only fight for others, but fight for themselves. They are an advocate for their own needs. They are the ones who don’t see their past as a crutch, but use it to change a generational curse.

Here’s to the ones who see life as both a journey and a marathon. They choose to keep serving God rather than retire. Then they move on to the next stage of life that will no doubt be better than the one before. Here’s to the ones that don’t quit and don’t make excuses. They see their strengths and weaknesses, make adjustments and move on. They find a way. And they make a difference.

These people change the course of one life. Or the entire world. Their light shines bright in the dark. They don’t fit into a box, and you may not always like them. But they are the ones who are or who will make an impact on the world.